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Observations from 7 hours at the Orlando airport March 19, 2011

Posted by markgeil in Travel.

1) I miss standby. I wrapped up my business of the day sooner than expected, and decided to come on to the airport since there’s a flight every single hour to Atlanta, and I was willing to pay the $50 Delta extorts from its passengers to get an earlier flight. When I checked in, though, they wouldn’t let me pay them $50 as every single flight before my scheduled 8:30 departure (1:30, 2:30, 3:30, 4:30, 5:30, 6:30, and 7:30) was full. Seriously? I dutifully checked at each gate every hour, and thought several of the flights had a seat or two, they would all look at my boarding pass, realize I’m not medallion platinum zirconium, and say, “Sorry, this flight’s full.” What they really meant, and often implied with their manner, was “Sorry, you’re nobody.” I was finally offered a seat, for $50, for the 7:30 flight. Sadly, one hour does not justify fifty bucks. That’s why I’ve spent 7 hours at the Orlando airport.

2) This city is really really crowded. When I picked up my rental car Thursday morning, I asked how busy they were. The guy at the desk checked the daily report that had just printed and revealed that they had 1,500 reservations. Just for that day. Just for Thrifty. Staggering.

3) Lots of British families here. “Look mummy! Tink-ah-bell!”

4) Lots of Harry Potter fans here now, since Universal added the “Experience.” I’ve heard it’s amazing. An girl of Indian descent just walked by wearing a Hermione costume, head-to-toe, cape and all.

5) There are things I’ve grown accustomed to at ATL that are not at this airport, and I miss them. There’s no place to put your large Smoothie. Only seats, no little tables. There are not enough trash cans. There are not nearly enough food options. They do have their own massive Disney store (“Earport” store), but very little out at the gates.

6) Two consecutive meals at an airport is not a good thing. Especially at one with not enough food options. Remind me not to do this again.



1. DLS - March 22, 2011

All true. And I would add that considering most of the people are either going to or coming from vacation most seem to be in an unusually foul mood. That says something profound about our entertainment chasing society.

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