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Camp stories, part 1 June 22, 2010

Posted by markgeil in Church.

The June whirlwind is almost complete. I’m at an airport gate at the ATL, waiting for a flight to Chicago for one last week of work away from home, then I’m finally back for a stretch. I’ve already been to two week-long meetings this month in Delaware and Florida, and I squeezed in a few rock star interviews and some bio writing. I just finished a press release this morning. Oh, and in the middle of it all, the only real reason to write anything today: camp.

If you’ve stuck with the blog much (meaning, if you’re related to me), you’ve read before about the importance of our annual church kids camp. Here are this year’s recollections.

77 kids landed on our side of the lake; all had just finished third through fifth grade. The older students (Sarah and Hannah included) were on the other side. Our kids were generally between 9 and 11 years old. For many it was their first time away from home for any length of time. One mom mentioned that this was her first time away from her boys. Ever.

We kicked things off last Sunday night with a big gathering at church. Luggage was loaded, insurance cards were copied, notary stamps were stamped, and faces of parents and children alike revealed excitement or apprehension or both. We had a really good year for paperwork, and the only missing kid was quickly found; she just accidentally skipped the check-in tables. We all went home for one last night on our own mattresses.

Monday was the big departure. Seems like I saw fewer crying mommies than usual, and thought the buses were a little late we got away in good order. Camp is about an hour and a half away, about 20 miles from the Alabama border. We arrived to blazing heat that would scarcely relent the whole week – a week in which we would eventually discuss the very reasons summer camps were always held in the summer. What’s wrong with, say, a lovely Late Autumn Summer Camp?

… more to come …



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