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Review: Jason Castro April 21, 2010

Posted by markgeil in Music, Reviews.

Remember this guy?

He was on American Idol a couple of years ago. Placed 4th. Remember who was ahead of him that year? You might recall the Davids in the finale, and you might notice that both of them have had successful albums since then. Remember their songs, Archuleta’s Crush and Cook’s Light On and Come Back to Me? I bet you don’t remember who came in third that year.

It was Syesha Mercado. Now do you remember?

All this to say that it’s been a while. Some of 2008’s Idols have stuck around, some have faded from view, and then there’s Jason Castro. He signed to a major label, Atlantic, but is only now releasing his debut album. I’ve been waiting to see how it would turn out. He was probably my favorite Idol contestant, with his relaxed demeanor, his taste in music, his delivery that was so different from the others, and his interviews. He was terrible at the interviews, but I liked it. On the “Final Four” night, he chose to sing I Shot the Sheriff. Simon wondered why in the world he would pick a song that really represents the antithesis of the standard Idol “backlit-slow-build-to-crescendo-to-key-change-to-MONEY-NOTE” formula. Castro’s response? “It’s Bob Marley, man!” ‘Nuff said.

So, how did that debut CD turn out? I reviewed it for NoisyWhisper. Click away and read on.



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