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Blog Nuggets: a weekend of tweets that weren’t March 22, 2010

Posted by markgeil in Blog Nuggets.

Here’s what I would have posted on my Twitter or Facebook this weekend, if in fact I had either a Twitter or a Facebook:

  • The Big East rules! And by “rules”, I mean “is hopelessly overrated and leaving my bracket in tatters.”


  • Things that make my heart beat really fast:
    (1) indoor soccer
    (2) sitting on a curb in a cloud of secondhand smoke outside the DWV in Cartersville, GA, watching Sarah parallel park during her driving test, watching the cones (the ones she couldn’t see) leaning, leaning, leaning, and then finally toppling. No worries, though! That was her only mistake and she passed. Oh, wait, yes worries! Now she has her license! Yes, yes worries!


  • I fixed our refrigerator. Removed a faulty condenser fan motor, installed a new one, plugged that sucker in, and watched my worth as a skyrocket in the form of little spinning aluminum fan blades. I mean, you don’t just fix refrigerators! I might now go kill animals and eat them.


  • After a single day of March Madness, only 56 perfect brackets were left out of some 4,800,000 entries in ESPN’s Tournament Challenge. Now I don’t feel so bad.


  • If you watched as much college basketball as I did this weekend, these words, spoken in an accent meant to evoke images of round-the-world adventure, will either make you giggle or cry: “I’m a shrimp blogger. I’ve spent my whole life searching for the perfect prawn.”


  • I filled out my United States Census form, and decided it would be cool to be Guamanian.


  • Sarah won second place in all of Georgia for a video she made for Reflections, a school arts contest. We all went to the awards ceremony at the High Museum of Art in downtown ATL. There, we got to see the photography and visual arts winners on display. There are some staggeringly good artists in our middle and high schools. Amy commented on how underappreciated so much of it is. That got me thinking about talents and abilities and recognition, which got me thinking about music and record deals and the very purpose of art, which might be another post some day.


1. ShrimpSuck.org - March 23, 2010

I’m the original #shrimpblogger

The REAL deal, not like the TacoBell faker

twitter: @shrimpsuck
blog: ShrimpSuck.org
Facebook: http://bit.ly/bVFFoi

We’re looking for a few new shrimp bloggers for the team, apply here:


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