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Grammy Thoughts February 2, 2010

Posted by markgeil in Music.

They announced the Oscar nominees today, but I’m still all about the music. Here are a few random thoughts following Sunday night’s Grammy broadcast.

  • Overall, good show – always one of my highlights of the year –  but not a good balance in the sequencing of the performances. All the over-the-top, jaw-dropping set pieces were right in the beginning. After Gaga and Elton and spinning wet naked Pink and Beyonce’s marching Lego men, everything else felt flat. A better mix of overstated and understated would have fixed that. The exception was Dave Matthews band with a glorious You & Me.  No fire or glitter or Robert Downey Jr. Just a rollicking celebration of music.


  • Country rules! Zac Brown Band as best new artist shocked me. Coupled with Taylor Swift’s awards, and the fact the Kings of Leon hail from Nashville as well, Music City is living large.


  • The rap performance that I was told I will remember “forever” and its performers’ attire made me realize I’m more likely to remember Pants on the Ground than that half-censored bombast by Eminem, Drake, and Lil Wayne.


  • I do not like previews of what I’m about to see before each commercial break. It’s live! Let it at least seem spontaneous! In past years they have used that time to scroll lists of other winners not on the telecast, which I much prefer. Some cable networks have a nasty habit of doing that little “preview” thing during movies and they spoil some huge scenes.  


  • Interesting choices for which awards to broadcast. No male pop vocalist? No rap album? Instead, we got comedy album and rap/sung collaboration. I understand that hundreds of awards are given and only a few can be distributed during a three and a half hour broadcast that’s mostly performances, and I like the idea of picking a few less common categories. But comedy album?


  • Green Day was smiling and hugging Broadway people. Weird. I thought they were a punk band.


  • I loved the vocals on the Michael Jackson tribute, but I’m regretting my trip to Target Sunday evening to pick up my 3-D glasses. Wow. That set the whole 3D-TV movement back a decade or so.


  • Third Day won a Grammy (for a live album… odd) which of course was not telecast, but a local radio station did reach Mac Powell by phone this morning to chat about the award. The cool thing was that he had just dropped his kids off at school (at our church). I like the idea of a recent Grammy winner driving through the carpool line.


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