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Could I get this thing to lecture for me? January 27, 2010

Posted by markgeil in Music, Things that amuse me.

I might be having too much fun with a certain website. I might also be the last kid on the block to have discovered it, considering the NPR podcast on which I heard it mentioned yesterday was from back in November, but just in case you’re a late arriver like me, read on.

It’s called Let Them Sing it For You, and the idea is genius. You type in words – anything you want, really – and the site makes a song for you. They’ve sampled thousands of words from songs, and they just string them together to match your text.

I channeled Stevie Wonder on the Cosby Show and typed “Jamming on the one”.

I typed “I can say anything” and laughed out loud. The word “I” was Chris Isaak’s three-syllable version from Wicked Game. “Anything” was sung by Meat Loaf. Clever.

Then I decided maybe this could improve upon the questionable vocals, of say, Bob Dylan. I typed the first few lines of Blowin’ in the Wind. Now this became a game of “I can name that tune in one word”.

“Man” was from When a Man Loves a Woman. “Yes” was from The Great Pretender (brilliant!). Then, irony of ironies, the last word I typed, “sand”, sounded just like Bob Dylan.

Try it. Words from a favorite poem. A message for a friend (you can email the results). In honor of the State of the Union, type an Obamaism. (“Yes we can” is punctuated nicely by the “we” from We Will Rock You.) And, just for me, type “A window in the world”. The soothing voice of Louis Armstrong will make your day.



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