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Blog Nuggets: new links and crates of love October 1, 2009

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Nugget 1: I’ve made several trips to the Home Depot recently, and so far I’ve been impressed with their response to the floods. The stuff people need the most is in stock and has been moved right up front, and as far as I can tell the prices have not been jacked up. In some cases, they’ve been dropped. The corporation also made a big donation to relief efforts.

Nugget 2: Why do sports announcers make such a habit of declaring how a certain statistic is completely meaningless, then immediately giving an example of how the statistic predicted the very outcome of the game? I heard this on one of our local sports talk radio stations: “I will always believe without a doubt that time of possession doesn’t mean diddly, but when your opponent has the ball TWENTY MINUTES longer than you do, you just can’t win the game.”

Nugget 3: I’ve quietly added a couple of blogs to the blogroll on the right, but I’d like to call them to your attention. The Focus blog is a Psalm-a-day devotional being written by members of our church. I’m honored to post on Wednesdays. “Anita’s Love” is a heartwarming and heart-wrenching tribute to Anita Schick by her husband Greg. He’s posting some of her past journal entries, letters, and emails, and I get to know her better with every post.

Nugget 4: Rod Stewart has a new CD box set of previously unreleased session demos. For anyone interested in the genesis of a song, it’s quite interesting. He lays down a vocal demo for “You Wear it Well” over a fully realized instrumental, and we learn very quickly how important lyrics are! One line goes, “So I went… on… my own way, feeling that everything’s done. Well I was tired… out, never the best, could not deedle-aw-duh. Do do do do la la la.” In another improvised line he actually replaces the titular words, “You wear is well” with “Your underwear”, sung just as passionately.

Nugget 5: Speaking of lyrics… Normally I ascribe to the “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything” school of writing, but I’m so moved by another new release that I must put on my evil critic hat. Remember Blake Lewis? I was a big fan on American Idol when he would bust out the beat box on his way to a second place finish behind Jordin Sparks. He’s just released his second album, and some of the lyrics are just mystifyingly banal. There’s a whole “super-modern-digital” theme like it’s the early 90’s and CDs are a new thing. Here’s an excerpt from the title track, Heartbreak on Vinyl.               

“Heartbreak On Vinyl was the name of the store. Now the store is gone and we can’t meet there anymore. We were digging in the crates of love. Well darling sometimes love just ain’t enough. Heartbreak on vinyl was for people, I guess, who fall in love in Analog and never let go. Oh oh oh.”

Digging in the crates of love? There’s a pickup line for you. Analog love is apparently untenable in our super-modern-digital age, and the second track tells us what’s better: Binary Love! It even gets a bonus syllable; it’s sung over and over as “by-uh-nary love”.


Finally, thanks for reading. We’ve passed 5,000 hits on the blog, which is cool.



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