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A delightful case of mistaken identity September 8, 2009

Posted by markgeil in Things that amuse me.

I was at the Braves game on Sunday with my family, enjoying an afternoon of sunshine and baseball (12 innings worth!) before a post-game Matthew West concert. I’m writing about the concert, so I got the chance to interview Matthew during the game in his swanky suite. He was delightful as always. So, it was a big day for me already, but it became even bigger when the game finally ended and we were leaving our seats on the third base side to make our way over to the first base side where the concert would be. Apparently I had some sort of “this guy hangs out with rock stars” glow about me, because as I made my way up the steps, a young lady stopped me and said,

“Aren’t you Kevin from Kevin and Taylor in the morning?”

If you’re not from around here, you don’t know why that’s so funny. I had no radio station gear on. No stickers, no hat, no t-shirt. I don’t even own a Fish t-shirt. But for some reason, she thought I was Kevin.

Here is Kevin:


Here is Mark:


See the resemblance? Kevin and Taylor comprise the morning show for 104.7 The Fish Atlanta. For several hours each morning, they discuss weight loss and relationships and emotions and dieting and beauty and motherhood and, well, girly stuff. Let’s just say they have a target market to reach.

I thought for just a second about answering, “Yes, I am. Great to meet you. Would you like to talk about women’s issues?” but I figured I couldn’t pull off the voice. Kevin has a very nice voice. Expressive without too much “radio personality” kitsch.

Instead, I just said, “No,” and she was disappointed. I shall henceforth begin growing my hair and reading books on fashion and dieting and relationships.



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