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Blog Nuggets: tunes and ’80s fashions September 4, 2009

Posted by markgeil in Blog Nuggets, Music.

There’s the full size chicken sandwich, and then there are the chicken nuggets. I shall be consuming copious free chicken sandwiches on Monday, so until then, here are the blog nuggets:

Nugget 1: I will partake in any excuse to post the following picture:


That’s Poison in full 80’s regalia, explaining to us ever-so-sincerely that, sadly, every rose has its thorn. I read an interview with Bret Michaels recently and learned that Poison opened for Stryper. Huh? I also read this delightful quote:

“In 1987, I thought that tucking my spandex into my cowboy boots was the coolest thing ever, and would never go out of fashion.”

Holla if you hear him.

 Nugget 2: Georgia State is a year from starting their first ever football season. There was a pep rally on campus Wednesday to meet the team. I had planned to go, since I crumble under the siren song of “Free T-Shirts”. Then, one of our students returned with his free T-shirt, and we shared his disappointment. No GSU logo, no football picture, just an ambigious statement revealing the date of the first game: “Where will you be on 9-02-10? I know where I’ll be.” I passed on the T-shirt, but now I wish I hadn’t. Another student walked in later, saw the shirt, and declared, “I’ll be watching  Brandon and Dylan, baby!”


Make your plans now. Beverly Hills 90210-watching parties are less than a year away.

 Nugget 3: In the “before they were country music stars” category, I pulled out an old CD recently and was revisiting the liner notes. I’m a liner notes freak, and every now and then a gem surfaces, and I feel redeemed for all the time I’ve spent reading inside jokes thanking people I’ll never know. This was from “Live Baby Live”, the live INXS CD from 1991. There is one studio song on the track, Shining Star, and one interesting credit in the liner notes: “Backing vocals on Shining Star: … Keith Urban….” So, before he was promising to honor your mother and learn from your paw and steal your attention like a bad outlaw, he was singing BGVs for the best Aussie new wave-pop-funk band of all time.


Nugget 4: Stephen Thomas Erlewine, the prolific genius from All Music Guide, says the upcoming (9-09-09, not 9-02-10) Beatles remasters are worth the wait. “What both boxes constitute is… inarguably the best-sounding Beatles music ever released, robust and rich even on the earliest rock & roll.” Everyone seems to be sold out (prior to release!) of the $250 mono box set, but the stereo box set is still available. Beatles audiophiles are adamant that the mono mixes are better, but I’m willing to slum it if anyone is really interested in getting me the stereo box.



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