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A Major Award September 2, 2009

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The college football season kicks off this Thursday night with my alma mater, N.C. State, taking on the evil genius Steve Spurrier and South Carolina. Every year about this time I’m reminded once again what an amazing woman I married! Just this morning I was chatting with a gentleman who played football at Wake Forest and was lamenting about how his wife is astounded that he could spend four hours in a row watching men run around a field chasing a ball. Oh, the jealousy when I told him Amy is perhaps even more excited than me about football season. Not only that, but we just downloaded a new ringtone for her cell phone. How cool is this woman? She picked the Darth Vader theme from Star Wars. That’s how cool she is!

 This just in: I’m apparently going to be honored during the halftime show on Thursday night. Some kind of alumni award. I only just heard about it. Seems like a big deal. The Alumni Association office was kind enough to send me this photo of the marching band practicing their formation when my award will be announced:


I kid, I kid. Clever, though. You can buy your own photo with the band spelling your name, or a doctored-up photo of a huddle with your name on the back of one of the jerseys for the low low price of 60 to 450 bucks. This would only be cool if you were the only one who was allowed to buy one. Once every kid on the block has a photo like this, your story won’t fly.



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