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Interview Leftovers: Steve Fee July 25, 2009

Posted by markgeil in Church, Music.

I had the delightful occasion to sit with Steve Fee on his tour bus for a long chat in preparation for writing the bio that will accompany the band Fee’s new album.

He told me a story that he’s related before, but it’s particularly inspiring to me and I’d like a lot of people to hear it. It didn’t really make it into the bio, at least not in this form, so here ’tis.

The story recalls the tragic Sunday morning murder of Rev. Fred Winters, pastor of a church in Maryville, Illinois. Fee had been scheduled long in advance to play at the church the very next Friday. The band thought of canceling, but the congregation had other plans.

“They called and said, ‘We need you to come and lead our people.’ We didn’t know what to say to these people. I’ll never forget it. We were able to say that, as great as he was,  tonight is not about a pastor, not about a tragedy, it’s about God, who is still on His throne, and none of this takes Him by surprise, none of this catches Him off guard. He’s holding You, and the correct response to anything in life is worship. It might not change the circumstance, but it changes you in the circumstance. It might not change the tragedy, but it changes your heart in the tragedy. It puts your heart on a firm foundation, and the firm foundation is Jesus. He’s going to carry you through. He’s your sustainer, He’s your comfort. In fact, scripture says He’s a refuge, He’s your strong tower, and the righteous can run in and find safety and shelter and strength.

“We started the whole night with the hymn How Great Thou Art, then Are You Washed in the Blood. At the end of the night, the pastor’s wife Cindy came up and said that those were her husband’s two favorite hymns.

“Cindy had pointed out a huge banner in the front of the church that said, There is Joy in the Presence of the Lord. She said, ‘If that’s ever true, then it must be true today too. Even at the loss of my husband, we’re going to find joy. It’s our goal that the enemy is going to be so sorry he messed with us, because God is going to get so much glory from this whole thing, because He’s still on the throne, and He’s the one who is going to give us joy, even in sorrow.'”



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