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Brett Favre has me thinking about Heaven May 6, 2009

Posted by markgeil in Philosophical musings.

Brett Favre, he of the dyslexically- pronounced surname, is being very vocal about his disdain for Green Bay. He even wants to un-retire for about the 10th time to play for Minnesota, perhaps only for the chance to play against the Packers.

I’m told that as of a couple of years ago, there were few local heroes of greater stature than Brett in Green Bay, or even the entire state of Wisconsin. Brett (I shall use his first name, since you can’t hear me say “Fav-ray” over and over) retired after a thrilling playoff game and could have ridden off into the sunset of glory, adoration, and gratitude. Instead, he has used the last two years to toss it all away. I don’t follow his story too closely, but his actions make him seem like a weenie. (Can I say that on the blog?) How long does it take to become a universally admired legend? How long does it take to become a weenie?

What’s this got to do with Heaven? It has to do with our decision-making process, and how we are so often caught up in the temporal, the near-term, the NOW, that we forget about eternity. Even as I ask why Brett would trade a hundred-year legacy for a 2-year spat, I should pause to consider the duration of our life on Earth compared to eternity. Every decision that you and I make should have at least an inkling of eternal perspective, none greater than a decision to follow Christ and secure your place with God in the here and now and in eternity.



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