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Behind the Scenes at GMA Week Part 6 April 20, 2009

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The energy has been maintained. I’m writing at 10:30 on Monday morning. The crowds are still picking up here, although everyone says how there are fewer people everywhere compared to years past. I have no means of comparison. The only thing I keep mentally comparing GMA Week to is the typical sort of conference I attend as part of my day job as a prof. I attend meetings of groups like the American Society of Biomechanics, and I see old friends, and meet lots of people, and learn new things. Essentially the same things happen here, except instead of passing curmudgeonly engineers on the escalator, I pass groups of four 20-something guys clad all in black with way too much eyeliner. Plus, at my engineering meetings I don’t usually SCHOOL MARK SCHULTZ AT PING PONG!


That’s right, it was Mark vs. Mark this morning, and this here Mark triumphed. Schultzy (can I call him that?) was tough in the warm up, and made a fierce comeback halfway through, but I sealed the win on a wicked forehand that bounced off the edge of the back corner of the table. Schultzy said, “Does that count?” I replied, “Oh yes,” and raised my hands in victory. After the Curb walkout yesterday, I think I’ve now all but destroyed my chances of a record deal. Alas.


I met Matthew West for breakfast and we had a great chat. Then I interviewed Andrew Peterson and we got to get off topic and talk about Rich Mullins. Seriously, I could do that all day.

I stopped into a session on Radio. I arrived at the Q&A time. A room full of questions from people with great DJ voices. Amusing.

I’ve got to go to another hotel to the Gotee Suite for my 11:00. I also don’t usually go to the Gotee Suite at my engineering meetings.



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