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Behind the Scenes at GMA Week Part 2 April 18, 2009

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The Boulevard of Lived-Out Dreams


I just took a stroll down Broadway, the Nashville variety. Since the lonesome cowboy I saw by dawn’s early light, I’ve passed five or six guitar-toting pedestrians. They’re probably headed to Broadway. It’s still broad daylight, but every single bar has a live music act. To walk down either side of the street is to turn the dial on some ambient radio, to hear an ever-changing playlist of mostly country music, much of it original, most of it really good. Most of the stages are on the street side, so passers-by can gawk at the rear ends of earnest performers who must be living out their dreams. Yes, these are bars. They’re smoky, and a little ragged (well, a lot ragged, some of them), but they’re in Nashville, on Broadway, and I’m certain that a few of the guitar-toting pedestrians wish they could be in one of those ragged bars one day.


The Indie musicians in this afternoon’s session all have their own aspirations, and the live critiques by the radio promoters were fascinating. A song would play – well, part of a song. Only had time for first verse and chorus. The artist would be somewhere in the room, but would not be identified. I couldn’t help looking around when the songs would start, wondering whose budding career was on display. Most had pretty god poker faces. Some critiques were very encouraging. Great voice, hooked from the first line of the lyrics, needs a better mix and this might be ready for radio – that sort of thing. Others were probably disappointing. Lots of complaints about percussion. Drummers and sound engineers, take note. Apparently mic-ing and recording drums is not easy.


A Fernadno Ortega song that I really like just started. I’m tempted to go find the source, but I don’t think I’ll have time before my 4:30 interview. Oh, why not? I’m going to find Fernando Ortega.




1. Behind the Scenes at GMA Week Part 2 - April 18, 2009

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