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Me as Concert Promoter March 27, 2009

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Well, not really, but I am making arrangements for Shaun Groves to lead worship and speak at our church Sunday morning. Shaun tours exclusively for Compassion International now, and he’ll be sharing the good news of  rescuing children from poverty.

So, while I’m not exactly Alex Cooley, the name that adorned so many of

No, I didnt actually attend this show, but it sure looks like the ticket stubs I saved as a child!

No, I didn't actually attend this show, but it sure looks like the ticket stubs I saved as a child!

my ticket stubs from my youth, I have enjoyed helping get Shaun here. I got to sign a contract (even though Shaun plays for free, there are still details to be sorted out) which even included a Rider. You might have heard the stories about artists’ Riders and their bizarre backstage requests. I was kinda thinking it would be fun to figure out how to provide a bowl of m&ms made in Hershey, Pa, with all the orange ones removed, chilled to 42 degrees. Alas, Shaun is the least demanding artist you’ll encounter. His ostentatious request? Four water bottles. I can swing that.

The rest of the arrangements have been equally simple. I visited a new hotel and, satisfied, filled out a form to book it for Sunday night. I explained the booking to the manager and the ministry of Compassion and he was kind enough to give me the room for half price. I edited Shaun’s stock promotional poster with our details and had a bunch printed, and then arranged to have them posted at church, at our local Christian bookstores, and at nearby Kennesaw State University. I also called a DJ friend and set up an interview that aired this afternoon, the Friday before the appearance.

I listened to the interview and oddly felt like a proud papa. The banter was lively and humorous, the listeners were reminded of what Compassion is all about, and our church got mentioned on the radio.

This evening, I got four water bottles out of the garage to put in the fridge. Tomorrow I’ll check to see that Shaun and his road manager Ben make it into town okay, and try to set up the Compassion tables at church. Then Sunday morning will start bright and early with sound checks and such.

I’ve gotten a tiny glimpse of the world of real concert promoters, and learned that there are details and responsibilities and it does take a bit of time, but the payoff is a lot of fun. For Shaun in particular, the payoff is actually a lot more than fun; it’s eternal. I’m praying that children will be sponsored on Sunday, because I know what happens in their lives when someone here finds them there and changes their world.

If you’ve got an inner concert promoter just itching to get out, visit Shaun’s blog, and you’ll see links for booking.



1. Jim "Sloan" Cooper - March 30, 2009

Kiss, the Winter brothers and B.O.C. in 1976? Wow, quite a show. Sounds like you are quite the promoter, Mark. Hope it went well. How cool to be able to play music and make a difference in the lives of children at the same time?

By the way, is it required to have “Sloan” in one’s name to post a reply here?

2. markgeil - April 1, 2009

I saw B.O.C. back in the day. They were opening for someone. Rush, maybe? Odd to see an arena full of people clapping and singing along with the bizarre lines of Don’t Fear the Reaper.

I also will forever remember the stickers that came with my brother’s Rock and Roll Over album by Kiss.

Ahh, the 70’s.

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