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Who is this kid, anyway? March 12, 2009

Posted by markgeil in Family, My Gangsta Children.


I know what you’re thinking. Wow, I wouldn’t have picked Rebekah out to be a Second Grade Gangsta punk kid. Just look at the posturing, the defiance. Imagine the troubled future that awaits all of us.

Then, witness the following, and understand the joyous complexity that is our youngest child. Here’s an essay she wrote about whether or not kids should get an allowance, or a reward for getting good grades in school. I’ll show you the actual paper, so you won’t think I’m making up her words:


Now, since you probably can’t read the words, behold:

“Kids should not get an allowence. Kids should already get good grades. I do my homweowrk every night. I study very hard and read books. I don’t study and read books for money. I do it to learn!

“Chores are very importent. I always do them. I clean the bathtub. I always clean my room and organize it. I help my sisters do the dishes. I make my bed and sometimes make Hannah’s. Every Sunday I do my laundry. I do my chores to help my family!

“Kids should be responsible about money. I organize my stuffed animals to make my bed look pretty. Candy is too sugery. Kids should not get allowence because they would spend it on candy. Kids should not get an alloweance.”

Preach it, Gangsta Sista! Now, to be entirely accurate, Rebekah does not always do her chores right on time, and she actually quite enjoys sugary candy. Also, she does not get an allowance, so her campaign might be born of jealousy. Regardless, it’s clear that we’re either raising the perfect child or a consummate brown-noser!



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