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Stay Married February 16, 2009

Posted by markgeil in Awana.

I passed a new billboard today. It said something like, “For the Children, Get Married. Stay Married.” This week, I couldn’t agree more. I had a wonderful Valentine ‘s Day with my wife and children. A few days before that, I learned about a few more families being torn apart, or in some cases tearing themselves apart. I was the speaker in a room full of 70 Awana kids between Kindergarten and Second Grade. I spoke about love, trying to explain to children so young that agape love means God loves us all the time, everywhere, no matter what. I mentioned without great emphasis that some of the kids in the room have probably had times in their lives when they’ve felt unloved, only half believing it to be true. I finished and dismissed the kids, and a little line formed in front of me. The first kid in the little line said, “My aunt uncle are getting divorced.”

Another kid said, “I have a sister but she lives far away. I’ve never even seen her before.”

Still another said, “My mom and dad got in a big fight, and mom went to stay with my grandma.”

I know each of these kids, but I had no idea. I know the mom, and the dad. I’m not sure why my talk elicited these stories, but they blindsided me. What broke my heart the most was the way these kids were communicating. They weren’t in tears. Far from it. They could have just as well been telling me about what happened on TV the night before. They were either throwing up some sort of defense mechanism that renders such trauma somehow… conversational, or they were so accustomed to the notions of divorce and separation that they were resigned to it as some inevitability. God, I hope we are not that far gone.

For the children, please, stay married.



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