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The First Record I Ever Bought January 29, 2009

Posted by markgeil in Music.

They’re playing this game on Facebook in which they share 25 obscure facts about themselves. I say “they” because I have yet to join the Facebook hordes. One day. Nonetheless, I shall now steal their little game with a slight variation.

I shall post one obscure fact about myself at a time. This would be incredibly narcissistic without comments, so I implore you to add your own response to each post. It’s easy to comment, really. You don’t have to use your real name or register or anything. I don’t even think you have to fill in an email address or URL. Try it. You’ll like it.

Here’s today’s topic: The First Record I Ever Bought

Here’s my response:

My first ever record was Synchronicity by the Police. It’s not officially the first record I ever bought, because Mom and Dad gave it to me when I got my first stereo. I would be embarrassed to admit that it was the cassette except that the cassette had bonus tracks that were not on the vinyl album. I wore that cassette out, literally. I knew every word of every song. I probably still do. Even “Mother”.

The first record I ever bought, like with my own money, was Alpha by Asia. I was always a sucker for Roger Dean album covers. I bought it at the Record Bar at a mall in Raleigh, after much deliberation. I felt like a real teenager, whipping the cash out of my Velcro wallet, though I was not yet one.

Now please, do tell. What’s the first record you ever bought?



1. Jed - January 30, 2009

Thriller – Michael Jackson

2. Jim Cooper - January 30, 2009

Kansas – The Point of No Return or maybe Rush – 2112

3. Jeff T. - January 30, 2009

Non-Kiddie music – 1st received: Supertramp (don’t recall title, guy walking on a tightrope.

1st purchased: POSSIBLY Bryan Adams 2nd album. However, I got in early with the Columbia 10 for a penny… so, could have been Def Leppard: Pyromania; Police: Ghost in the Machine; and others… all for only a penny!

4. markgeil - January 30, 2009

Ahh, Columbia House. I was saddened the other day when I saw that BMG is no longer accepting new members. I worked the “Sign Up, Fulfill Agreement, Cancel, Repeat” cycle for hundreds of CDs.

I remember my eclectic brother’s first Columbia House shipment of tapes. I think Ghost in the Machine was in there, but so were The Clash, Journey, and, believe it or not, the Go-Go’s!

5. Steve Sloan - January 30, 2009

The first record I ever “owned” was a 45 of “Let ‘Em In” by Paul McCartney and Wings. I think I got it for my 5th birthday when we moved to Raleigh and I absolutely LOVED that song. “Someone’s knocking on the door….”

I was fortunate enough to have an older brother that loved music. I listened to whatever he shared with me and didn’t buy too much vinyl of my own. So, the first cassette that I remember purchasing was “9012Live: The Solos”. Oh, where have the days gone where you could get an album featuring a bass solo?

I had borrowed a cassette of The Cure’s “Standing on a Beach” from my friend Steve Brueggeman and was very intrigued. My interest led to that being the first CD that I ever purchased. A very close second goes to “Hold Your Fire” by Rush.

6. kathi graves - January 30, 2009

i’ll tell you but first, 2 disclaimers: 1. i am a girl and 2. i am likely a fair amount older than the rest of you. so what i’m saying is, “don’t judge me.”

i didn’t actually buy these but my (much older) brother gave me his peter, paul & mary albums. that’s one way i learned to sing great harmonies.

i’m not sure what the first album was, but i’m thinking it was just a single song record and it was either, “watching scotty grow,” by bobby goldsboro or something by the partridge family.

these days, i like radiohead, joseph arthur, death cab, the killers, yada yada. thank God i married a man who could help steer me musical tastes in a better direction.

(friend of steve sloan)

7. Scott Sloan - January 30, 2009

Sloan, the elder, here. Thanks for including me in your discussion. I purchased my first stereo at the Circuit City on Glenwood Avenue while I was in college and started buying music at that relatively late point in my life. That would have been in the early 80’s. The first album that I purchased was Paradise Theatre by Styx. As I unwrapped and examined the album before playing it, I was pleasantly surprised to find an artful laser etching on one side of the disc – a distinction making this piece of vinyl unique in my small collection to this day. Additionally, the first music I ever heard played on compact disc was Earth, Wind, & Fire’s Raise!, and my first compact disc was Synchronicity by The Police. The Synchronicity CD was a gift from my friends on the occasion of having a compact disc player installed in my 1985 Mustang. Those were good times!

8. Calvin Cherry - January 30, 2009


Oddly enough, the first album I ever owned was on cassette as well: The Beatles “Red” 1962-1966 Greatest hits. It was given to me by my father at the age of six on my birthday, along with a tape player/recorder.

Fast forward four years…

The first album that I bought on vinyl was John Lennon and Yoko Ono’s Double Fantasy. I purchased it with my allowance the weekend after John was murdered.

I too know all the lyrics to these songs – even Yoko’s bizarre attempt at song writing (Kiss, kiss, kiss me love…just one kiss, kiss will do). Both of these are albums are filed away on the media stands in my loft in still remarkable condition.

9. Keith E. Smith - February 1, 2009

My dad was a huge Elton John fan. I guess he still is. I picked it up. When I was 12 I bought my first CD with my allowance. I purchased Elton John’s Greatest Hits!

10. Steve Geil - February 3, 2009

Steve here – one of Mark’s older brothers. I’m not positive, but I believe the first album I paid for with my own money was The Who – Who are You. The album was a picture disc which I didn’t want to play too much on the stereo, so I also bought the cassette and completely wore that out.

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