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My Compassionate Rubber Band January 26, 2009

Posted by markgeil in Compassion.

I have a rubber band around my wrist today. It’s the rubber band that wrapped up a set of ten plastic pouches filled with photographs and names. The rubber band is on my wrist this today to remind me to pray for those photographs and names.

Those ten plastic pouches contained photographs and names of Compassion children waiting to be sponsored. I volunteered for Compassion last night at a Travis Cottrell concert featuring Beth Moore (I’m a groupie now – see last post), Cindy Morgan, and a surprise appearance by Shaun Groves. Shaun opened with his stirring reminder of what exactly the Good News of Jesus is. I’ve seen it before, but it never gets old. Please watch below if you have some time. Then, we passed out packets. Each volunteer took two sets of ten packets each. I took off the rubber band, slipped it on my wrist, and said a quick prayer for the packets. Once Shaun invited people to respond, hands shot up across the room. No hesitation. My first set of ten packets was gone before the fifth row. As I handed each one out, I prayed. I am acutely aware that these are not just packets. They are children, real children with real eyes and ears and runny noses, with real moms and dads (sometimes) and real villages and real poverty. With Compassion, each child is linked to one and only one sponsor. That’s why I prayed. As each child reached an outstretched hand, I prayed,

 “God, please direct this child to the right person.”

That’s all I really had time to pray. I meant more, though. I meant that I wanted God to do some divine match-making. That he would direct a person or a family with more means than they realize to a child with less means than any of us realize and that this divine match would last as that child grows and learns and is rescued. But I was in a hurry. I think God got it. I hustled to the back, and we grabbed the packets that had already been spread out on the tables in the lobby. Those were gone just as quickly. Hundreds of hands were still raised by the time we had handed out all 250 packets. I said my prayer about 25 times, I think. After I sat back down, I prayed for the people with a hand still up, that they would visit a table or find the website and not let a little inconvenience prevent them from changing a child’s life forever.  

At the end of the night, we had some packets returned to our table. That’s okay. The point was for people to learn more about the program. Some of those children returned to our table were sponsored by others. By the end of the night we only had two left on our little table, and one of the artists from the show sponsored one of them! I said my prayer again.  All told, 189 children were sponsored last night. I pray that each is a God-directed match. A “match made in Heaven,” as it were. That’s what I pray each time I notice the rubber band on my wrist.

Please watch this video, and pray about what you are saved for. Maybe a small part of that is sponsoring a child.



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