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All is Quiet on New Year’s Day January 1, 2009

Posted by markgeil in Family.

Happy New Year.

I stayed up to watch the ball drop last night, and then stayed up a little bit longer to watch the motorcycle dude on ESPN jump to the top of the fake Arc de Triomphe in Vegas.

Our two youngest daughters had every intention of staying up until midnight, but neither made it. Rebekah threw in the towel early, and asked me to carry her to bed “like a princess”. I couldn’t think of a better way to spend her last few waking minutes of 2008. Hannah fell asleep on the couch, with the promise that I would wake her up at 11:50. I kept the promise. I also woke her up at 11:52, and again at 11:55. That last time she managed to stay awake, and watched what might have been her first ever ball drop. I walked her sleepy self to bed and finished watching motorcycle dude while fireworks exploded in the street outside.

I was terribly disappointed with the television offerings this year. I like awards shows and year end countdowns, and there were scarcely any. I think every single specialty channel should have a “top ten ____ of 2008” show on New Year’s Eve. MTV2 did have a top ten music videos show, but I didn’t know any of the songs. In my perfect world, I would have been able to switch to the top ten restaurants on the Food Network, or the year’s biggest advances in science on Discovery, or the biggest movies of 2008 on a movie channel. I was able to listen to the year’s best country songs on the radio this morning. All the females in my house, which is everyone in my house except for me, were pleased to hear that the number one song was “Our Song” by Taylor Swift.

Funny how we do so much reflecting and resolving on such an arbitrary day. We could always turn the annual calendar over on February 11th, or August 8th, right? Still, I think it’s wise that we take a few days of each year to do a bit of soul-searching, first looking back and using those images to look forward. I can look back to just last night and resolve to keep carrying Rebekah “like a princess” as long as she’ll let me.

I can look back just a few days ago, when we finished our year of reading the Bible together as a family. We went to a little island at a small college campus to read the final chapter of Revelation, since John was writing down the visions while exiled on the island of Patmos. Just as we read the last verse aloud, all together, a nearby bell tower began the noon chime. As those bells tolled an extraordinary year of growth and exploration of God’s Word, I resolve to keep diving in to the Bible in 2009, and to try to make sure my family is doing the same.

I won’t look back too much, though. January will get busy, and time for reflection will slip away. That’s why I’m grateful for New Year’s Day, for a bit of peace and quiet before the nose hits the grindstone. Maybe that’s another good resolution: to make more time for reflection.



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