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What Rebekah Says at Dinner December 17, 2008

Posted by markgeil in Family.

We are one of those families that makes a point to eat dinner together. No TV, lots of stories, lots of laughs. I highly recommend it. We find out more about what happened in the girls’ days, go over a busy evening’s schedule (we eat early), and tell Amy how wonderful the meal is. Well, we do all that when we can get Hannah quiet long enough to allow others to speak. Hannah is an endless wellspring of words, and we sometimes have to put her on pause during our dinners together. The child needs to actually eat!

Rebekah is sometimes the really amusing one. Lately at dinner, her most common phrase has occurred while looking down at her shirt:

“Does (fill in name of food item) stain?”

Poor Bek is incapable of eating a meal in a normal upright posture, and is forever spilling food on herself. We’ve tried to help by putting an old phone book on her seat. Last night, in the middle of dinner, she started wailing, “Ooohhhhh!”

“What on earth is wrong?” we asked, alarmed.

“My toe got stuck between my chair and my phone book!!!”

Later, another solution was proposed.

Hannah: “Don’t we have an old booster seat in the basement?”

Sarah: “She’s seven!

Rebekah: “But I’m small!”

Fortunately for little Rebekah, most of her clothes are hand-me-downs from her big sisters, so they’re pre-stained. Such is the lot of the youngest.



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