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Song Talk – Brandon Heath, “Give Me Your Eyes” November 17, 2008

Posted by markgeil in Music.

I’ve had the thought several times before. I think I first had the thought while traveling down a busy highway. I was a teenager, riding, not driving, and I can picture the scene in my head but I can’t remember where it was. I looked left and right, at cars and vans, and thought, “All these life stories.”

I’ve had the same thought on planes before, looking down at cities during the approach, far enough up to see entire neighborhoods but close enough to see people walking out to get their mail. So many people with so many stories and histories and struggles and triumphs. It’s a thought of combined curiosity and bewilderment. I feel a connection with these strangers, and I’d like to hear their stories, but then I come back to reality and know I never will.

Brandon Heath has taught me something with his latest song, and actually helped me complete my thought. He has noticed the people as well, all the life stories, but he is moved not just to be curious, but to care. The song is called “Give Me Your Eyes”. By the way, Heath is now 2-for-2 with hit songs featuring handclaps. First “I’m Not Who I Was,” then “Give Me Your Eyes.” I assume his next song will be a remake of “Jack and Diane”.

“Give Me Your Eyes” prays for a godly compassion in a world of strangers. The lyrics recognize the insulation we place around ourselves and move us not only to recognition of the people all around us, but a desire for spiritual connection. The song is evangelistic to some extent, but beyond that it’s a call to ministry.

Today I append my thought, and it’s a good thing. “All these life stories. Give me Your love for humanity.”

Click here for the video, shot in the Birmingham airport.

And here’s a making-the-video documentary:



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