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Interview Leftovers: Charlie Hall November 17, 2008

Posted by markgeil in Music.

My question for Charlie: “I recognize that what you do is a ministry, but there’s a business aspect to it as well. Do all the ups and downs in the music industry make you a bit anxious?”

His answer: “I don’t feel anxious. I’ve definitely felt the changes over the last few years. For me, you do this as long as God wills, as long as all the pieces are in place, you do it. If something stops, obviously it’s time to stop. There is an ending place at some point for people. Anxiety doesn’t get to me. I really enjoy my life and what I get to do and who I get to do it with. Making a living playing and creating music, there’s nothing like that. That’s the dream.”

On the early days of Passion and touring with the other guys: “God really put His hand on it, and it just began to grow and move through other worlds. I’ve watched it cross so many denominations and I’ve watched the music create communities all over the world. It’s beautiful. I want the songs I write to have a life of their own, to join the songs I write with these others great songwriters, to affect people to know and love God.”

And finally, on the value of a small, flexible record label: “They really accepted me. I like to do things a little different, I like to say things a little different. I’ve had to do things different because of a growing family. They take me from where I am and keep moving me along, as opposed to sticking me in a cookie cutter and saying this is what an ‘artist’ does. They’ve taken my personality and gifts and how I do things, and made them better, and not pushed me into some sort of role.”



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