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Interview Leftovers: David Crowder November 14, 2008

Posted by markgeil in Music.

The sixsteps article is away to the editor, probably running left week, so as promised, here’s the first of some topics that came up in interviews with the artists that didn’t quite fit into the article. I’ll start with David Crowder, who was as eloquent as I expected. The one thing that surprised me most about him was his complete disociation with the process of actually getting music out to anyone beyond his local church. He is genuinely and sincerely intent on making music for his church in Waco, and seems at one amazed and amused that the music finds its way onto radio, into our churches, and onto CDs and iTunes. I had to ask him again, “So, you’re making a CD like Remedy, for example, and you never even once think about a larger audience, or radio, or anything besides your local church?” His one-word answer: “Nope.”

Also, there’s this interesting response to my question about the differences between performing live as the David Crowder Band versus performing on a Passion tour.

“We’re trying to pare down a lot of Christian culture preconceptions. Passion is intent on gathering people from within Christian culture. They’re able to use language that we can’t use, they’re able to structure an evening differently than we could because of the people they’re expecting and trying to communicate to. The audience that we’re trying to communicate to definitely has people from the Christian culture; we’re trying to help reshape some of their preconceptions, and then there are people that we’re trying to make feel comfortable and okay for asking a bunch of questions about Christianity to begin with, especially about singing to a Divine Being. I don’t think Passion has any of those hurdles.”



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