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Caught Looking November 9, 2008

Posted by markgeil in Church.

They’re a precious family, the ones who sat on the row in front of me at church this morning. Four kids – three little blonde-headed boys and a baby girl – all very well-behaved and polite. They had their “Beginners” Bibles open on their laps as the pastor read from Romans. This was church-in-training, something I value very much. One of the boys was a tiny bit on the rambunctious side this morning, and when mom had to take baby girl out, said boy had a little more room to wiggle.

I saw him in my peripheral vision, gazing up at me with curious eyes. I resisted the urge to look his way and wave. Instead, I kept looking at the pastor. That’s when a little thing happened that made me think. The little boy saw me looking at the pastor, so he looked at the pastor.

I’ve always thought it would be fun to stand on a busy city street and just look up in the sky at nothing in particular, and then count how many people look up as well, just to see what’s caught your eye. People want to see for themselves what it is you’re looking at.

The boy looked at me. I was looking at the pastor. So, the boy looked at the pastor. When we get noticed by others, I think it’s important to realize what we’re looking at. People are watching. If I’m looking at Jesus, maybe they’ll look too.



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