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Did the disciples get tummyaches? November 5, 2008

Posted by markgeil in Bible, Posts from the old CCM blog.

I’m reading John 17 this week, the real “Lord’s Prayer”, and I’m struck by the content of the prayer: Intercession for others’ Spiritual well-being, not their physical well-being.

When I pray for others, my first inclination tends to be prayers for healing, for protection, for safety. Praying for God to take away tummy aches and heal the day’s boo-boos.  

Shouldn’t my focus be on the eternal? Not at the expense of our daily physical needs, perhaps, but as I take inventory of most of my prayers, requests concerning the temporary far outweigh the eternal.

It would seem silly for Jesus to have included a petition for John’s tummy ache. That’s not to say He doesn’t care, but He had more important things on His mind that day. Maybe I should too.



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